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In today’s modern world, almost all people are using the internet every day and every second. But there are limitations using the internet since there are some websites that are monitored and even not allowed by the government. But worry no more. is built for everyone who wants to have freedom on the internet. This lets users keep their activities unknown, let them pass through firewalls and breaks the barrier that is prohibiting to access a specific website. is considered one of the leading companies in giving proxies and other services. With this service, users can access the internet without any interruptions or be detected through their IP address. also is also known to be the number one service provider in the nation when it comes to proxy services.

When it comes to services, offers a lot of them. It has multiple IP subnets, they offer no setup fees, has different protocol proxies (HTTP/HTTPS) with unlimited bandwidth, 99, 99% uptime. IPs are replaced every month, their servers are up to 1 Gbps, customer service is open 24/7, they also offer 30days money back guarantee, and their services works well with Twitter, Xrumer, Scrapebox, SEnukeX, GSA SER, Ticketmaster, Nike, and HULU.

What Are The Plans?

The company offers three different plans for proxies. They are namely Dedicated Proxies, Semi-dedicated proxy, and the Ticketmaster proxy. The Dedicated proxies are mostly for small to medium companies or SMEs. The price ranges from $10 and increases to $150 every month. There is also an option to get several subnets. For the Semi-dedicated proxy plan, users can get up to 200 proxies and the price for the 200 proxies will cost $140 per month. The Ticketmaster proxy plan is where the user can have up to 3 tiers of service with a total of 50, 100 and ending at 200. The price of the Ticketmaster plan ranges from $150, $300 and could reach up to $600 per month and with that, users can access from 10 to 30 locations on each price plan.

When it comes to the speed of the bandwidth traffic flow, it has no limit at all. For data mining, the maximum amount of the needed information will not be limited to the maximum amount of the transferred data as other proxy providers like to do. And throughout the process, not a tiny bit of information will be lost.

Buyproxies is one of the most trusted proxy sites with a high number of client base. The users are entitled to a complete control of the blocked proxies and they are greatly used 24 x 7. The Semi-Dedicated Proxies offers to use some URLs when the users are totally not using their proxies. It will be released to others with a specific proxy range.

The Support Team

The got an excellent support services with a live personnel assisting 24 hours a day, and full force in 365 days a year. The good thing is the support team is still working on holidays as well.
Available coupons are used to get the best deals offered by the company. It is also a smart way to save. As for how to use the coupons on purchasing proxies on, first, you have to click proxies on the upper part of the websites page and choose the category from Dedicated, Semi-Dedicated and Ticketmaster proxies. You’ll then be routed to the page under the category you have chosen and click on order now of your desired package. As you continue with the process and comply information that will be used on your proxies, you’ll be routed in the final step of checking out with the total price of what you’ve purchase and enter the coupon code before completing the transaction.

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